Harrison Murray

What year did you graduate?


What have you been doing since graduating?

Was Head of Post Production for Goldeneye Media, Then Director of Content for OFI Productions, Now I’m a Producer and Head of Video Production for Australian Production House (who specialize in getting America to invest in Australian Film and Television)

What are you working on at the moment?

Just got back from New York where I was doing all video content and helping launch The Legionnaires of Laughter and a charity for Jerry Lewis called Jerry’s House (a huge comedy gala charity awards night).  We have a US funded Scottish/Australian Feature in the works, A Children’s TV show that we are currently in talks with Nickelodeon, We will soon start Production on our second music video for universal and a bunch of stuff I’m not allowed to speak about.

What did you like most about studying at Footscray City Films?

There is no education that can compete with on-set experience. Footscray City Films through me in the deep end and I was forced to learn the practicalities of film making.

How did Footscray City Films help get you where you are today?

Footscray City Films was the starting point of my network. Almost 10 years later, I still use a heap of ex-footscray crew on my films.

Do you keep in contact with people you were at film school with?

Yes, I have employed a few of them and like-wise they have employed me.

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