What year did you graduate?

2002, though I came back for an additional year around 2005.

What have you been doing since graduating?

I continued working on lots of indie films as I got more into sketch comedy, both live and filmed. That led to a little bit of stand up and songwriting. I also did the odd advertising job, though very sporadically.  Eventually I stumbled into animation, as a writer and a voice artist and occasionally as a director, and that’s what I’m more focussed on now.

What did you like most about studying at Footscray City Films?

Firstly, the new friends. I was 17, fresh out of high school, fresh out of my parents’ house, fresh out of Bendigo. It was so great to find so many other weirdos and film/TV nerds that I could connect with. There were also weirdos and nerds that I didn’t connect with, but the odds seemed in my favour that year. Secondly, I was so thrilled to be in a film school where I could make films. In my youthful vigour (slash-impatience-slash-arrogance) I didn’t want to be stuck learning theory, I wanted to jump in and just make films. Footscray let me do that. And I made some absolute bullshit. But I learnt a lot from having that onset experience.

Do you keep in contact with people you were at film school with?

Yes, I’m still very good friends with a few people from my year, and also good friends with several people from years above and below me.

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“Suspect Moustache” is an animated sketch comedy, produced by SBS in conjunction with Screen Australia & Film Victoria. It can also be watched in its entirety on SBS On Demand.

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