What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 1996 and went straight into working on an Australian  feature film called “Blackrock”. I was thrilled to come back to Footscray Films some 23 years later and train film production there once new management had been appointed in 2018.

What have you been doing since graduating?

I continued working  in television working on shows such as “Seachange” for three seasons, “Blue Heelers” and children’s series “Noah & Saskia” to name a few. I started a production company and  produced, directed and edited a number of commercials, short films, music videos and documentaries. In 2018 I I wrote, produced and directed a feature film “A BOY CALLED SAILBOAT” which was filmed in New Mexico, USA. It was released in the states and I won some awards at the Boston International Film Festival.

What did you like most about studying at Footscray Film School?

Firstly, meeting new people and making life long new friends. Many of the people I have worked with over the years have been ones I met while studying there. Footscray Film School is a great place to network and collaborate on projects with. There is so amy resourcess available there to pull from.

Do you keep in contact with people you were at film school with?

Yes, I’m still very good friends with a lot of people I met there, and have worked on projects with many of them. I have worked on several of Timothy Spanos’ cult films and did the Boronia Boys films with him, We both met at Footscray Films as students and now we training a whole new generation of filmmakers there. 

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“A Boy Called Sailboat” is about a hispanic family find hope in their extraordinary son named Sailboat when a personal gesture awakens a global desire. Armed with a “little guitar”, Sailboat leads an offbeat cast into the miraculous story of the greatest secret never told. A BOY CALLED SAILBOAT screened at Nova Cinemas and available on Amazon Prime.

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