The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media is designed for students to create longer, more complex and ambitious films over 12 months targeted to a specific market. This qualification is designed to reflect the role of personnel who work at a high level of creative specialisation and/or in the production management areas of the film and television industry.

The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media also includes marketing processes for students to promote their own films. Graduates of the Advanced Diploma and Diploma of Screen and Media eligible to receive advanced standing into AFTRS, the Bachelor of Media & Communications at the University of Melbourne.

Our graduates regularly achieve careers in the film, television and multimedia industries and students have exhibited and won awards in International festivals such as Cannes, Sundance and Venice Film Festivals

Studying in 2018

The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media CUA60615 requires the completion of a minimum of 16 units of Competency, of which there are 3 core units and a minimum of 13 elective units

Centrelink Institution Reference Number: 37152

Campus / Location: Footscray City College. 1 Kinnear St. Footscray. 3011

Average Hours of Face-to-Face Class Contact per Week: 26.00 Hours per Week

Year / Stage of Course: 2018

Exact Course Start Date: 5/02/2018

Anticipated Course End Date: 14/12/2018

Total Duration of Course: 46 weeks. Enrolment Status: Full-Time

USI Number: Students must obtain a Unique Student Identifier number before commencement. To obtain your USI visit

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A Statement of Attainment will be issued for any unit of competency completed if the full qualification is not completed

Footscray City College is a Registered Private Provider RTO No. 20306

Units Studied

In addition to the units completed in Certificate 1V in Screen and Media the and Diploma of Screen and Media, students study the following modules:

CUAPPR603 Engage in the business of creative practice 70 hours CORE
CUAPRP605 Evolve ideas for professional creative work 50 hours CORE
CUASOU503 Develop Sound Designs 50 hours CORE
CUAWRT601 Write scripts 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUAWRT602 Edit scripts 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUAPPR505 Establish and maintain safe creative practice 30 hours CORE
CUAPPM603 Plan and manage film and media pre production 30 hours ELECTIVE
CUAPPM508 Manage locations for film and media productions 40 hours ELECTIVE
CUASOU503 Develop sound designs 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT605 Collaborate with editors during post production 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT601 Establish the creative vision for screen productions 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT502 Direct performers for screen productions 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT603 Direct screen production crews 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT602 Audition & Select Performers 50 hours ELECTIVE
CUADRT604 Devise camera coverage 50 hours ELECTIVE

NB. All elective units are compulsory

Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media


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