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Film School 

Since its beginnings in 1981, Footscray Film School has held a significant place in Australian social and educational history, and is widely recognised for its initiatives, its standards of excellence, and as an instigator in many areas of Film and Television education.

Our courses are designed to introduce students to professional production techniques where students learn by making their own individual films, crewing on fellow student projects and professional industry film and TV productions throughout the year,  as well as through workshops, seminars, lectures, and screenings. We take students from concept right through to marketing of their films while encouraging students to explore different aesthetics in pursuit of their own individual style whether it be through short films, music videos or documentaries.

Film School 



Across the world film schools attempt to de-emphasise the importance of short films, awarding in the thousand, film degrees, bachelor degrees, masters, even doctorates in place of the only thing anyone in the industry is interested to see: a knock out short. You learn how to be a filmmaker by making films.

– Jane Campion, filmmaker and president of the short film jury at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
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